This is the area where I’m supposed to tell you, the reader and potential clients about myself. It’s hard because I can write about most anything but me. But I’ll try. I began college at thirty. I hold a Bachelor and Master of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. I was the first online college professor at APSU. I went on to teach as an online adjunct professor for the last fourteen years for APSU. I worked for a short time with American Continental University. While I enjoy teaching, becoming an editor of fiction is my career focus.

As online publishing became popular, it allowed me to pursue my passion of editing and writing. My most rewarding job to date is with The Wild Rose Press (TWRP). The editors and authors are fantastic. And I’ve gained valuable information. In the past, I have worked directly with authors and with senior editors with other online companies. At the present time, I am working solely with TWRP. While I mainly edit fiction novels, and romance is my area of expertise, I have worked in other genres to include: suspense/mystery, coming of age, fantasy, paranormal, and westerns. In addition, I have edited nonfiction pieces including business proposals, manuals, and travel pieces.

My work ethic is impeccable. It must be since I’m responsible for editing and grading college essays for twenty-five to thirty students every eight-week semester in a timely fashion. I push myself to meet and exceed deadlines while maintaining high standards I set for myself. And that have been asked of me by the universities and publishing companies I am associated with. It is my privilege to extend exemplary work and services to my customers.

My Portfolio shows mainly the book covers I have begun making. I hope it’s a pleasant surprise. See Rates and Services for both editing services and book cover graphic design pricing.

Thank you for stopping by. It will be my pleasure to assist you in making your book market worthy.
Judi Mobley