Rates and Services


I offer two types of services, editing and book cover graphic design.

See my credentials in About, but here let me explain who I am and what I actually do.

I am a copy editor/final line editor/ghost writer/proofreader. I know that’s a lot for the client to take in, but as an editor, I have worn all of those hats. I let you know this, so you can see not only the experience I have as an editor, but the flexibility I have to step into different roles as needed.

As  a copy editor for the several online publishing companies I work with, I edit mainly romance novels. That is a broad genre, so  let me add the subgenres under romance. Off the top of my head, they include; western, paranormal, contemporary, BDSM, GLBT, Sweet, and Steampunk.  I am sure there are more. I have not added erotica to the mix because I note that separately below.

In addition, my non-romance books have included; contemporary, sci-fi, paranormal, and family.

My specialty is editing erotic romance. I began specializing in erotic romance partially in connection with the companies I work with; the other reason is because many editors, book reviewers, bloggers have shied away from this genre. I provide a niche for the erotic author and give them my full support.

I will be happy to not only edit your erotic novel, but blog about it, tweet, and add it to Facebook. See my rates under Editing.  I will be happy to provide this service for any client.

For a list of authors I have worked with, contact me. I will be  happy to provide a few names privately.

In addition to editing services, I offer stock and custom book cover graphic design. I got into this area when I couldn’t find book covers to fit my idea for my own novels. I am branching out daily, adding different types of book covers, but, so far, I have developed more romance book covers than any other.

See my Portfolio of book covers and Book Covers for rates and services.

As always, please Send me out an email through Contact. I will be happy to answer any and all questions.