Book Covers

Book covers make or break a book. If the consumer glances over your book due to a lackluster book cover, it won’t matter that inside you have written a masterpiece.

Art~n~Ink works with the author’s vision of the content of the book, and what they are trying to convey to the reader, and puts it in graphic form.

At this time, we have two services.

Stock photo covers and custom covers for e-books only. 

Stock photo covers can be seen in Portfolio. Check back often because new covers are added as completed.

Stock high-res.jpg photo cover fee: $85 per cover 

This price includes 1 book cover as seen in Portfolio, (minus the watermark). Using Standard font (complementary to the book’s genre), adding the title, author’s name, and 1 sub-item. It can be a series title or a 1 sentence blurb. Revisions for stock covers are available. Contact me for a quote.

Custom high-res .jpg photo cover fee: $200-400 per cover

This price includes a book cover made to the author’s specifications. Art~n~Ink will endeavor to take the author’s vision and create a unique and appealing book cover that stands out above the crowd.

During the process of designing the custom book cover, Art~n~Ink will stay in contact with the author. A mock-up will be provided and at that time, the author has the opportunity to make minor changes to the mock-up. (Major changes will incur additional fees and will be added to the final bill).

This package includes custom font, title placement, and 2 sub-items on the book cover. 1 0r more sub-items can be added. Additional fees apply.

Art~n~Ink’s book cover design shop is growing daily. In the future, we will offer full book jackets graphic design services to our portfolio in .pdf format. When this comes available prices will be added below.



 Stock and Custom packages provide the author with an initial .png file of the completed book cover for their inspection. Within three days, payment is required and upon receipt, the author will then receive the high-res jpg file.

All packages shall be paid through PayPal, a 5% service fee will be added to cover PayPal’s service fee.