Art~n~Ink gives authors the choice to work with a qualified editor without breaking their wallets. One of the things Art~n~Ink knows is that beginning and independent authors do not have a lot of cash up front. Even established authors struggle with demands on where and how to spend money for their book. Art~n~Ink works with authors to help them put forth their best-finished product while taking into mind their budget. As an online professor and freelance editor, I have noticed methods in the editing community that work extremely well while others should be put aside. Art~n~Ink has let go of one purely unnecessary restraint on the author. Submitting a manuscript that is double-spaced. (And that means my fee is not based on that idea). Let me explain. Because I accept the MS in an electronic format, I don’t rely on line spacing during editing. (If the author sends me the MS single-line-spaced  and I change the font and line spacing to something else, that will not affect my fee nor will new charges be expected). The result, I charge by word count.

As an online professor and freelance editor with over fifteen years experience, I have been through industry changes within academic and the editing community. Writers submit manuscripts digitally and the finished product is sent back in the same manner. Thus, some standards are no longer as important. While, I do not stick with double-spaced requirements, I do keep current with tried and true methods, i.e. using  Chicago of Manual Style, 2016 and 3rd edition of the Copy Editor’s Handbook.

My work is top-notch. I give my clients my full attention, glean their needs, and return quality work.

I work in WORD and use both track changes and comments when editing the document. Upon completion, I return the document marked up and any further comments needed are places in the email. One thing I require of authors is that they do not send me a copy that is already formatted for publishing unless Art~n~Ink is completing a final line edit. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Art~n~Ink determines its fee solely upon word count. Once I go through a sample edit, usually about 5-10 pages, I’ll determine the fee. I may ask the author to send not only a few pages from one chapter but also random pages. Once I have proofed the sample pages, I return the document to the author with my fee structure.

Later, if I find the MS requires more than what the author and I might both have agreed was a small job, the lowest fee, might turn out to be more involved, let’s say a medium fee contract, I will explain to the author why I determined that the work was more complex and give the author the option to go with my suggestions or stick with our original plan. Art~n~Ink will honor the author’s desires, performing the task agreed on, giving the same quality work whether Proofing or Deluxe Edit. If the author changes his/her mind during the process then Art~n~Ink will endeavor to assist the author’s wishes, time permitting, but a new contract and fee will be negotiated.

Here I want to stress once more, Art~n~Ink uses industry standard Chicago of Manual Style when editing. In addition, I also consult The Copy Editors Handbook. I use the latest edition of both to ensure the work I complete is up to date. One think I have learned by working with publishing houses is that there is a standard in wording. Let’s say American English vs British English. Normally, I will stay with American spellings. However, international clients can rest assured that I will keep their spellings and colloquialisms IF the story is set outside the USA.

Whether it’s beta-reading or editing, Art~n~Ink will help you and your book stand out. The formats we work with is Word. Aspiring authors don’t always have cash upfront to pay the flat rate fees for the much-needed editing work their writing requires. Art~n~Ink will work with clients to determine the best possible fee structure to meet their needs. Yet, be assured, regardless of the package you choose, all manuscripts are read multiple times, ensuring not only that all the corrections fit the story, but also so that nothing is missed or overlooked.


Proofing/Final line edit ($0.004/word)

* Correction of all spelling, capitalization, and punctuation issues

* Errors in grammar, syntax, and word usage

* Suggestions if paragraphs seem overly wordy/convoluted

* Suggestions if the story lacks forward momentum

This is a great package to help polish the final product.

Standard Edit ($0.006/word) Basic Plan Plus:

* Suggestions for revising sentences and paragraphs

* Adjustments to sentence structure to improve clarity and flow

* Assistance with redundant sentences or vocabulary. This package is suggested if the manuscript is in the final draft stages but requires some polishing.

Deluxe Edit ($0.008/word) Provides substantive editing as necessary, including:
* Identifying and captivating a particular audience
* Structure organization, including the arrangement or placement of certain passages, scenes, and chapters
* Assessing character motivation and consistency
I recommend this package if the manuscript is in the early draft stages. Note: Authors are always welcome to submit their first 15000 words during this stage as a gauge.

Art-n-Ink provides Ghostwriting services as well. That fee structure is determined after a sample of the MS is submitted.

Beta Reading

($5.00 per 10,000 words)

This service includes:
* Manuscript reading
* Brief comments and questions related to character development, plot development, and clarity.

Time frame: Depending on word count and type of editing, I strive to have manuscripts back in the authors hands in 4-6 weeks.


 All editing and beta reading packages shall be paid through PayPal.

Packages exceeding $100 require a 50% initial deposit. At 75% completion, the remaining 50% will be invoiced and payable upon receipt. 

Packages exceeding $500 require a 35% deposit. After 75% completion, the remaining 65% will be invoiced and payable upon receipt.